Features & Benefits

Coupled to magnify your performance

An extension of the low pressure ACE and ACG pump series, the OptiLine design features a sealed-off pump with inner rotor and permanent magnets coupled to the pump, which is then sealed by a non-magnetic can. On the atmospheric side, an outer rotor, also with permanent magnets, is coupled to the driver. Power from the motor is transmitted via the magnetic coupling.

With no sliding contact seals, there is no way for oil to escape. It's that simple. There is no need for cleaning engine rooms of oil from shaft seal lubrication or for replacing worn out seals. The IMO OptiLine pump just keeps pumping for years, with low maintenance.

Discover the attraction.

• Leak-free performance: No oils leaks, no financial leaks. You get a reliable, worry-free performance.

• Extreme duty: Optimal for heavy fuel oil applications or low viscosity MGO, OptiLine is designed to maintain high performance at extreme temperatures and viscosities.

• Less problems: The traditional mechanical weak points are gone, so is the need to replace them. In fact, there are no spare parts needed and low maintenance costs.

• Hassle-free conversion: Keeping the cost of piping and re-structuring to a minimum, OptiLine is often just a drop-in replacement with your current IMO three-screw pump. Flexible flange configuration allows ease of installation no matter what the pump make.

• Return on investment: Compared to a corresponding pump with a mechanical seal, return on investment for an OptiLine pump is often less than three years.

• Safety at sea: The IMO OptiLine oil pump is compliant with the SOLAS guidelines and directives.