Savings for you and the environment

IMO pumps are designed for a long life with high reliability. Of course, better performance results in efficiency improvements and less fuel consumption overall.

More specifically, the elimination of leaks with OptiLine pumps brings a number of environmental benefits. Engine rooms remain clean. Less pump leakage to the bilge means less need to empty and dispose of the oil-water at port. There's less wastage of cloth, insulation, components and spare parts.

Any oil outside the fuel system as a result of shaftseal leakage is an increased risk factor. With no leakage, there is subsequently less risk of fire. The changeover to MGO operation means decreased flashpoint on the fuel used.

Leak-free performance also implies less potential impact on health, for example from skin contact, inhalation and burns that may be incurred during maintenance.

The magnetic coupled, sealless design of OptiLine pumps provides a considerable savings in spare parts. On a broader level, that means less parts manufacturing as well as reduced packaging material, transport requirements and emissions.

Apart from decreased sulphur levels, marine legislation has raised standards in order to reduce substances or chemical wastes that can jeopardize the safety of ships, adversely affect the performance of machinery, is harmful to personnel or contributes to pollution.

IMO pumps meet requirements for low viscosity (down to 1.4 cSt) according to ISO 8217:2005 and low sulphur (0.1%) as stated in EU/SECA 2005-33-EC. All while maintaining the same high reliability.

Our aim is to do more than supplying product to adapt to current environmental legislation. We intend to exceed expectations. OptiLine is a first step.